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Noodles for Raymond Federman, Despite 2020

A plate of noodles for Raymond Federman, on Noodle Day for Raymond Federman, with a picture of Ray watching out from the corner

Reading Federman’s work around this year’s Noodle Day had a suprisingly soothing effect. It’s not because Federman’s work is necessarily soothing—at least not in a way that would be recognized by many people. Yet it is the undercurrent of darkness, the loss, and the laughter in the face of it that soothes. As the tagline on Federman’s blog says

Laugh: yes because when some guy weeps somewhere in the world there is always some other guy who laughs somewhere else: happy balance! Never fails its normal equilibrium: laugh or cry it all comes out the same in the end!

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Raymond Federman, Watch Over Our Noodles of 2018

From noodles we are birthed, to noodles we return.

Our website may be our home, but if you weren’t following along with us on twitter, you may have missed out. Germany, Scotland, and the US were just some of the countries that were part of the Noodle Day adventure.

We shared pictures, we chatted, some bought Federman books, while other wrote Federman words. Yes, a truly invigorating experience. But why would Federman be shushing us? Is it that those noodles are, perhaps, evocative of the mother noodle from whence we all boiled out of, or does he just want some quiet after a long day? Qui put dire?

To all noodleurs, mailing list members, and noodle voyeurs: thanks for your participation. Let’s do this again, soon.

Au revoir!

Happy (88th Anniversary of Your) Birthday, Raymond Federman! (and Alternate Noodle Day)

Noodles a la Warhol
An alternate view of October’s noodles.

Happy Birthday, Raymond Federman aka Ray aka Federman!

Today marks the 88th anniversary of Raymond Federman’s birth. As we say, every day can be Noodle Day. Noodle Day’s the only holiday that happens once a few times a year. Every day can be a noodle day, if you are thinking of Federman, and eating noodles.

The idea is to remember him, and that his death is not death. That’s why Noodle Day started and is celebrated by most municipalities on Oct 6. Yet, if that is too morbid for you, too X-X-X-X-X, and sad, then please—celebrate today. Federman wouldn’t mind, and neither would we.

Bon appétit!
Bon anniversaire, Raymond Federman!

2014 Noodle Day: Now With Website

Federman exist-s/ed pre-web & early web. Each technological jump we make becomes a clean slate, leaving our history behind. There’s positives and negatives to this which are beyond the scope of this explanatory first post. The first post being about the fact that the point of making an actual website for this virtual event is to help ensure, in its way, that Federman’s actions don’t turn to dust (as much) the way his body has (ashes, as it were, per his wish due to X-X-X-X).

With a real URL, a bonafide social media Feder-ator @noodledayforray, and the good will of something or other, here we are. See the main page. Noodle Day for Raymond Federman is October 6 every year (at least).