Frequently Asked Questions (About Noodle Day for Raymond Federman and/or Federman In General)

What is Noodle Day?

Noodle Day (or International Noodle Day) is October 6, 2010 Every Year. It is a day to eat a noodle-based meal and think of Raymond Federman.

Who was/is Raymond Federman?

Raymond Federman was/is an experimental author, scholar, professor, father, husband, holocaust survivor, French/American, jazz lover, friend. He passed away on October 6, 2009 at the age of 81.

Sounds Cool, But What If I’ve Never Read Any Federman?

That’s ok, you can start now – eat noodles – and finish reading later. Luckily, the internet makes it easy to read find Federman’s various writings. Download a free ebook! Get it from your your local public library! Or on OverDrive! His site has some texts (Voice in the Closet, some published and unpublished works, and links to more)! Buy one at our Bookshop store to support your local bookstores and this site! Or browse quite easily via everyone’s favorite all-seeing, all-knowing internet overload, Google Books!

Is this authorized by Federman’s family or estate in any way?

We would never christen anything Federman-related with an inappropriate term such as “official”, but this unofficial celebration was given the “ok” by Federman’s Estate ca. 2010, for which we are very grateful.

And you mentioned a (possible) second Noodle Day on Federman’s Birthday, Which Is…?

May 15. (Every year).

Who Are You?

Hmm! We didn’t expect you to get so philosophical on us, hypothetical querier invoked as a fictional construct, but we’re game. Of course, you may ask yourself the same question bef—

No no, I Meant Rather Who Is Running This Noodley Celebration of Federman?

Ah. No-one really runs it, per se, it just is. However, the first celebration of Noodle Day was in 2010.

What Do You Mean By Calling Us A “hypothetical querier invoked as a fictional construct”?

Merely a slip of the tongue!

Would That Be A “French Answer”?

It would be, were we prone to terrible jokes of a potentially improprietous ethnographic nature.

What Do You Get Out Of This?

Just noodles. We are a Non-Sensical Non-Profit Non-Related Non-Etceterated collection of bums who want to share Federman with other like-minded folks from the past, present, and future. That is all.


Raymond Federman was the sort of person who would hate a conventional opening sentence, and would probably hate a conventional eulogy as well. As an author, his work was called experimental fiction, surfiction, metafiction, and more. Federman was fond of calling it Playgerism. His sense of play inspired Noodle Day. That rhymed, but it was an accident. Honest.

Questions? Ask @noodleforray on Mastodon. We have left Twitter. Our account on twitter is for historical purposes only. Don’t expect a response if asking there.